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Domus Elevators

DomusLift is the IGV Group outstanding and successful homelift, ideal for vertical transport requirements and for overcoming architectural barriers in both public and private buildings.

It is the ideal solution for elderly persons and those with impaired mobility who gain independence and freedom from stairs.

The automatic sliding doors, available on request as an option instead of the standard panel landing door, offer a user-friendly use just like any traditional lift. The wide choice of accessories and finishes, together with S and XS versions, conceived for small spaces, and XL, designed for wide cars, makes DomusLift ideal for any requirements.

DomusLift perfectly fits any new or existing environment, while adding value to it.

Aluminium shaft structure

The aluminium shaft structure is exceptionally light and robust allowing to place DomusLift anywhere, even outdoor. It guarantees an enhanced usability of spaces without affecting the architectural context. The structure is supplied as standard, the aluminium structure does not require any surface processing, it does neither deform, nor require any maintenance and it is weather-proof and does not change over the time.

Masonry shaft

DomusLift can also be installed within your house in a special masonry or reinforced concrete shaft.


IGV Group focuses on energy saving and is fully committed to the safeguard of the natural environment. DomusLift, the eco lifting platform, features a LED technology for the car lighting and is available in two versions: traction with inverter gearless motor for maximum performance and reduced consumptions, and hydraulic, with 100% biodegradable green oil (upon request). DomusLift has been awarded the prestigious international certification of Class A energy efficiency by the certification bodies: TüV Süd and IMQ.

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